The Pirates and Buccaneers of the Resurrection

Historical fiction pirates of the Midwest

Alas, the crew is currently in hiatus & not active at events. 
Please check back in the future for availability. 

We apologize for the inconvenience.  

Ahoy and Avast, m' hearties!


Welcome to the home port of ...

We are a group of historical fiction pirates, buccaneers, freebooters, brigands and smugglers based in the Midwestern United States utilizing historical realism between 1660 to 1770 mixed with pirate lore, sea myths, Hollywood legend, and novel fiction.

Ye will see us demonstrating duties aboard ship such as mending sails, navigation, and divvy of the treasure. Perhaps we will carouse with fellow pirates or conduct business while in Port and do our best to stay out of trouble but most likely someone will be caught in some tavern brawl or arrested for piracy. Ye may spot the Crew in an encampment roasting meat and attempting to sell goods from the most recent prize. Perhaps some of the crew will even convert ye into becoming a pirate and join our crew!

Surely we will dazzle and amaze ye if not frighten ye to run the other direction swiftly!
One simply may never know what will happen or who they will meet with the Pirates and Buccaneers of


The Pirates and Buccaneers of the Resurrection are a group of people who do piracy portrayal for fun as a HOBBY. We do not make a profit doing this.
Any donations of any sort is strictly for crew needs such as tents, interactive displays, guest clothing, and other encampment needs. No monetary donations is ever handed out to individuals for personal use.  
Because we are a Hobby group and do this for fun, crew members may not always be able to attend events. 


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