The Pirates and Buccaneers of the Resurrection

Historical fiction pirates of the Midwest


Here ye will know what the ship looks like, learn more about the Crew, and ye'll find other information such as favorite ports, crew Colours, learn more about their travels and more! 

It's all here! Just... don't tell th' Pyrate Hunters. 

Meet the Crew

How the crew of the Resurrection came into being is most interesting. The mysterious Gentlewoman known as Lady Barbossa, who was First Mate upon the Fool's Gold, parted ways to seek her own fortune. Along the way, she gathered a crew worthy to sail uncharted seas, venture into unknown territories, and a hunger for more adventure and wealth just as much as they thirst for rum. 



Learn more about each individual by hovering your cursor over the "Ship and Crew" and a new window will pop up to the right titled "The Crew". Here you will learn more about each individual crew member of the Resurrection.

the good ship, the RESURRECTION


Though a fictional ship we never see, you get the image that the Resurrection is a large, elegant vessel of black tarring and crimson paint with crimson sails. What areas that are not painted red or black are silver, brass and gold plated or painted of figurines and images of Gods and Goddesses of the Ancient world, mythical beasts of land and sea, battle scenes, and Biblical scenes. The figurehead was changed to is a skeleton or corpse embracing and intertwined with a youthful woman, aka Death and the Maiden.

A 3 mast, square rigged with fore-and-aft sails. A compliment of  no more than 54 guns- of varied poundage - but is no lanky poker awaiting a prize to happen upon it's path. The Resurrection is a medium-large Pinnace-Galleon-Galleass/Galley-Ship of the Line mix, modified for speed as well as hold a massive cargo. She's quite the vessel perfect for smuggling, too.


the Colours of the RESURRECTION

Each vessel of Piracy and/or crew brandishes their own flag with a specific design or what's known as Colours during this period in history. It is unknown how these flags came about, some thought perhaps by the french term or name Jollie Rogue. 
Whatever their origins, the symbols on these flags and the colors are very clear and often strike fear into the hearts of merchant ships. 
Skulls or skeletons often represented death. Weapons such as swords or spears said these pirates were not afraid to use force, fight or kill before boarding. Hourglass meant the prey's time was up. Wings meant a swift boarding or death. Whatever the symbol, each symbol was meant to force any vessel the pirates had their sights upon to surrender immediately and without a fight or problems. 
The Colours of the Resurrection reflects those same symbols and styles. A skull without a jawbone to represent death. Two swords piercing a heart that means this crew is fearless and will fight as well plus death will happen quickly if no surrender and no quarter will be given. The hourglass means that their time is short, if any time at all. 3 drops of blood on each side of the hourglass means the same as the pierced heart, death will be bloody, painful, lengthy, and no quarter given.


Destinations and Haunts

From time to time, the Resurrection makes port and drops anchor at certain favorite locations. When they do, ye best beware!


Helmsburg is a backwoods cove that serves as perfect cover for any pirate and smuggler. The residents of this area favor the pirates and smugglers over the Navies of any Crown. This little inland town has become a well hidden gem of a spot to disperse the smuggled items to local merchants eager to sell the latest illegals from Europe, Asia and the Middle East. The Helmsburg is becoming the newest little secret to those involved in the Sweet Trade. 


Port Washington, a small port along the great vast lake of Michigan just north of two mighty ports, this is a perfect little haven for ne-er-do-wells of ever sort. Given amnesty and pardon to all pirates, buccaneers, smugglers, highwaymen, harlots, and every form of scoundrel by the Governor of Washington, and now vessels and characters of every sort congregate here. This little port town has become a favored spot to drop anchor and carouse with locals as well as fellows of the Brethren. 


Past Ports

Paynetown, a secret encampment, not unlike Tortuga, where hardcore shady sailors dwelt. 

Columbus, a place according to legend where one of the great Christopher Columbus' sailing vessels be moored. 

Allies and Enemies

Oh, aye! There be plenty of Allies, just as there be plenty of Enemies! Many of those enemies be for th' bounty upon their heads, especially that of the wicked Lady Barbossa. From Gentlemen to commoners, Pirates to Pirate hunters, and everyone in between, dare ye be called an ally... or an enemy?



  • The Forsaken
  • Captain Sterling and the crewe of the Archangel
  • Captain Jack Sparrow 
  • Fool's Gold Pirates





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