The Pirates and Buccaneers of the Resurrection

Historical fiction pirates of the Midwest

So... ye want to become a pirate, eh? Ye want to join the crew of the Resurrection, says ye?
Here's how ye join th' crew:

1. Attend an event that the Pirates and Buccaneers of the Resurrection will be present at.

2. Then march on over to the Captain's table and say ye want to Sign Articles!

Aye! It's as easy as that! 
Each person that signs on with the Resurrection will indeed Sign Articles that are drawn up specifically for new crew members.
Once ye've signed yo'r Articles, ye write yo'r piratey name or make yer mark in the Ship's Log and receive or choose a duty/task/station with the crew depending upon yo'r skills. Ye keep yo'r Articles as a memento and reminder of yo'r service to the Resurrection.
Plus, ye also receive a coin for signing on!

After all that be said and done, ye finally become an Official Member of the Crew! HUZZAH! Ye receive a Full Share at each event and have a voice on Crew decisions among many other rewards to reap as a member of the Resurrection.

Don't forget to be an active member of the crew - attend events and participate on the Forum!



Feel free to join the discussions on our forum! Talk to crew members, find out the latest events, and so much more! 

                *** Equal Opportunity Pirates ***

We do NOT discriminate based upon race, religion, or gender. What you do in your mundane life is your business so long as it does not reflect NEGATIVELY upon the Crew and it's members. We welcome anyone but keep in mind that we ARE a family oriented fictional historical portrayal group and this group is NOT to used in any way that would break the Law; do NOT use the Crew to meet someone of the other gender or anyone underage, or to spread political unrest, or other unsavory actions and behavior that would place us on the FBI's Most Wanted list.

That being said...

We are hoping for an exotic crew willing and able to portray the many eclectic cultures that Pirates, Buccaneers, Smugglers, Corsairs, and Freebooters came from. Such colorful characters makes everything all the more interesting. 



For many of you out there wondering what it takes to  Sign Articles and join the crew of the Resurrection, all that's required of ye is to show up!

You do not need to purchase period attire before you attend an event. You can if you want but it's not necessary. If you want to, please check out the Presentation "Appropriate Period Attire" in on Document Box page and download it for free to see the type of attire we allow or you can check out the Pinterest board "Pirate Portrayal" at the numerous examples of attire and items allowed for our group. The link is on the Home page. Just look for Blackbeard's engraving. 

Again, attire and items are not necessary for at least the first 2 events. The Captain has extra attire for newcomers to utilize. Just be sure to notify the Captain or a member of the crew and we will make sure we have all the necessary procurements for your visit. Just let us know which event you will be in attendance and how many will be attending and we shall do the rest. That means all you have to do is just... show up.


After the first couple of events, you are free to build your "kit" as they call it. This will be comprised of your attire, accessories, weapons, tent, furniture, eating utensils, trade tools, and other items you wish to bring to contribute to the crew at events such a treasure, canvas, rugs, crates and barrels, rope, food, etc.  

Keep in mind, this is a long term investment and possibly expensive but there are some shortcuts one can utilize, you just have to keep a sharp weathered eye out for them. Crew members and even members of the Pirate Community and Historical Community are more than willing and able to assist you in finding what you are looking for to help you build up your "kit".

For an understanding of what more to add to your "kit" as mentioned above, check out the Presentation "Period Appropriate Encampment Equipment" for furniture, utensils, items, trade tools, and more! As well as the Pinterest board "Pirate Portrayal". With these visual guides, you will be empowered to know what to look for. Under "Other Ports" is a good place to start of where to obtain some of these items necessary for your "kit".

Welcome to the Crew, matey!   


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