The Pirates and Buccaneers of the Resurrection

Historical fiction pirates of the Midwest

Documents Box

Here be all the documents the Captain keeps available for crew members and associates to utilize.

A wide variety of topics and documents shall be shared. Feel free to download the Wanted Poster for events, it's a blank Wanted Poster for you to use with anyone's picture. Plus the Brochure and Business Card for Associates and Crew Members to pass around if they so wish it. 

Presentations at the bottom are for Crew members but anyone can download the presentation documents, too, to learn what attire and items are appropriate for being a Pirate. 



Download the brochure or business card for the Resurrection crew to look over and display for upcoming events.

Ship Information

Ship's Articles, Ranks, and general ship information.

For the Crew!

Templates to help you create your pirate character, how to dress like a pirate and fashion during the Golden Age of Piracy, picking a good and proper period name, appropriate encampment equipment, and more!

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